tiistai 26. huhtikuuta 2016

Cosvision 2016

Hello everypony!

I can't decide whether should I write in English or Finnish, so I'll do randomly both hahaha!

I had a lot of fun at Cosvision! Every cosplayer I asked to be filmed were really nice and some of them next day came talk to me. Thank you everybody of the teamwork! It is awesome to work with nice people! Also, I found out someone had took a picture of me while I was middle in a filming business lol thank you random dude!

See them here:

I seriously dared to think nobody wanted to take a picture of me, but seems like I was wrong. One person on Saturnday came to ask if they could take a picture of me (unfortunately I didn't have my red contact lenses on), thank you miss anyway! And also, seems like I'm going to be seen in Yle TV, because I asked the right or wrong person to be filmed I don't know which one lol! A person said, that they will shoot us because they were doing a document of this cosplayer. I wish that document is going to show this awesome's cosplayers all glory!

And Sans, you were awesome too! I was so happy to see you eagerly filming people after our shoots.

Stay awesome buddy!

And here is some more pictures of my costume:

I feel like everyone is going to remember me as "the random filming Mike" lmao both Tracon and Cosvision I cosplayed Mike while filming cosplayers.

If you want to see pictures of awesome cosplayers, go here: http://sta.sh/2fkqgf3khu1

And here is the long waited video:

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