perjantai 30. syyskuuta 2016

Shippocon 2016

It was really fun be there! I met new people and another Zen and Jumin cosplayer. Thank you for hanging out with us! This was my first time in Shippocon. I had no idea what kind of con it was, but it was a great escape from the pressure of life indeed. It was so tiny con. If you wouldn't have friends with you and nothing to do, I wouldn't recommend it. But because we met awesome people, it was worth it. Especially Shippocon has free entry.

Our gang


We also had Pikachu with us, who helped us with photographing

Okay, there is one picture I uploaded to Instagram and Cosplay World among some other pictures, and damn it got so many likes! More than the other ones!

These pictures tells more about the con:

Damn those pink mustaches!
When we saw there was another Mystic Messenger cosplayers, we dashed to greet them.

The group we met

Zens without a selfie is not Zen

You have no idea how many selfies I took. Too many. Just way too many! But, you know.. There is never enough selfies of Zen!

When we were watching the cosplay competition, my camera was in a selfie mode, so instead of taking a picture of the competitors, I took a selfie!

Much dreamy wow

And here is some other cosplayers:

Sorry, this time I didn't photograph much of you guys ;__; I have usually been really active shooting your awesome costumes, but this time I was too fabulous myself

Just kidding lmao

Stay awesome!

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